Want to submit articles, videos or audio to be featured on our media?

We’d love to hear from you! Send us your content using the form below by email for consideration for it to be featured on our blog or other media channels. We’d love see your work! Currently, we only accept submissions in the English language. We encourage you to submit written work in the form of a blog. However, if you would like to submit an audio recording for use in our podcasts or a video for use on our YouTube channel, you can also submit content in this form.

Upon submitting content to us, you may get back any of the three responses from our editorial team: 

  1. Accept as is
  2. Accept with minor revisions 
  3. Accept with major revisions 
  4. Decline

Please see the list below for a description on each of these terms and what they mean:

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If you hear back "accept as is", congratulations! Your article will be posted as is. You can choose to post it under your name or a nickname. You will receive full credit for the work. 

Your article is nearly perfect for our media channels! We just have to make some minor edits before releasing it. We will make the changes on our end and then ask you if you are okay with us releasing it with those changes. You can choose to post it under your name or a nickname. You will receive full credit for the work. 

Your article is awesome! We just have to make some changes to it in order for it to fit with the context of our community. We will share with you our advice on how to make the article stronger and more engaging for our followers. We will then give you two weeks to make these changes and invite you to resubmit your article for consideration. If we believe you have made the right changes to strengthen your work, congratulations! Your article will be shared with our community. You can choose to post it under your name or a nickname. You will receive full credit for the work. 

Unfortunately, we believe that your article is not the right fit for our community. This may be because it does not clearly fit with one of our themes, is too unclear for our editors to understand, or openly encourages something that is against the law. We are happy to invite you, however, to resubmit a different article for consideration which may be accepted in future. We will give you suggestions on what you can do to strengthen your next work if you are interested. 

Please give our editorial team 30 days to review any submissions. You can always contact us using our contact form to inquire about the status of your submission. 


What happens when my submission is accepted?

Congratulations! If your submission is accepted, it will be posted to our respective media channels. If you share written work with us in the form of an article, it will first be posted to our blog, then be considered for podcast or video production. All accepted media may also be shared on our social media channels. You will have the option to participate in the creation of any adaptations of your work, including filming yourself speaking about it for our YouTube channel or recording yourself speaking about it for our podcast for review from our production team. We will credit you for any direct reference to your work. We may place ads over your work to cover our hosting fees. You will not be compensated for your submissions.

What are some tips I can use to improve my chances of being accepted?

We publish media that is in line with our values and mission. Below are some tips to increase the chances that your media will be accepted:

  • Submissions should be easy to understand, written in a logical way, and add value to the audience.
  • There should be a clear message to the content with a strong understanding of who the audience for the submission should be.
  • The tone of the article should be relaxed in style, without being too harsh or judgemental.
  • Aim to help the viewer of the media understand what you mean. Bring them to this sense of understanding through taking them through the journey you went on to learn the information you are presenting.
  • See previously published examples on the kind of work we are looking for.
For written content specifically: 
  • There should be minimal spelling and grammar mistakes and be composed of full sentences. 
  • Written submissions should be at least 300 words and at most 3000 words. We recommend aiming for a post that is about 1000-1500 words in length for maximal impact.
  • The article should be composed of small paragraphs and many headings and subheadings to help divide the content nicely for the reader. Smaller sentences are also recommended where possible. 
  • There should be introductory and conclusion statements.
  • There should be some, but not too many, calls to action. 
  • The use of images in the content may also help to provide a more engaging experience for the reader.

Ready to submit?

Please send an email to with the heading “Content for submission”. Our editorial team will be in touch with you once they have reviewed the article. Click on the button below to open your email app: