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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions we get and answers

When we say relationships, we mean romantic relationships between two partners. The concepts we share should be useful in some form to all romantic relationships, regardless of gender, age or nationality. However, there will also be a lot of overlap between the topics we discuss and other relationships, including between parents and children, coworkers and other members of their company, and managers and their staff. This is especially true for our conflict resolution series and big questions series.

Our content can be helpful primarily to anyone in or hoping to enter a romantic relationship, although it can also be applied to many other areas in life (such as communicating clearer with your coworkers or conflict resolution with family or peers). We recommend a minimum age of 13 to engage with our site. As well, since we are not allowed to collect information on children (under 13 years of age), children should not sign up for our newsletter. We believe that the earlier one can learn the themes we discuss after age 13, the earlier they can start applying them to their life and relationships before making mistakes that may hurt them later. We say this because some people start getting into relationships around this age. There are some more mature themes including intimacy explored in some content, but when we discuss these themes, we will specify this in the description of the article. We do our best to make our content available to the widest audience so that the most amount of people can benefit from it. As such, we strictly moderate our comments sections and articles for any mention of profanity (we have specified inappropriate words and phrases which cannot be posted to our servers). As people learn for their whole life, this content is great for older adults as well, for there is always something we can learn to make our relationships even better.

All of our content is designed to be helpful to both men and women. We do not write with a specific gender in mind. Our contributors include both men and women who write for both men and women. 

Some of our work may relate to values shared in various religions. However, we do not explicitly mention any spiritual concepts, religious figures in our work, or quote any religious texts in our work.

There are many ways you can get involved with our mission. You can create content for us, including writing blog posts, recording video or audio, or editing any of our content. You can help us optimize our website or designs, or improve our social media reach. Finally, you can donate to support our costs. See our volunteer page for volunteer opportunities, submit page to submit some content, or donate page to make a donation. You can specify what you want the donation to go towards on our donation page.

Yes. We do not currently have any paid content on our site. We plan to keep it this way in the future. We hope that by doing this more people can access our work and ideas.

Because we want to help. We hope that using our free time in ways that helps others will empower them to have stronger and healthier relationships. Because we believe that the skills we teach can really help others get better at their best investment – their relationships with others.

No. Helping you, the reader, are at the heart of our mission. We will never sell your data. However, we do send some data over to services like Google to protect our site. This includes using the Google reCAPTCHA v3 tool, which you have likely already seen on other sites. We also screen any information sent through our contact forms or comments for spam before it enters our mailbox, which includes passing it through an external spam-checking service first. None of this information is used for targetted ads or is sold. See our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

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